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Rome SDS Memphis (Women's)


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Snowboarding boots have come a long way, so the last thing you want to do is buy an uncomfortable pair of boots - they're just too many comfortable boot options out there to make that mistake. The Women's Rome SDS Memphis BOA Boot falls in the flexible to supportive range, but the big story with them is the dual BOA reels that work together with the Rad F.I.T. liner. The combination of these features delivers a ridiculously dialed in fit that's both comfortable and supportive, so you can ride all day without giving your boot’s fit a second thought.

  • New Double BOA with Focus Ankle Lock
  • Rad F.I.T. Liner, 3D Molded Shell Tongue
  • New SkateCuff 3D, Heat-Moldable Foam Construction
  • TriZone Lining, Expand Toe Zone
  • Two-Part Outsole, Fun FoamBed with AEGIS