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Vans - Aura | 2018 - Womens Snowboard Boots | BLACK / VELVET


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The Vans Aura snowboard boot represents Vans’ long-standing commitment to the Boa Closure System, and offers the best-in-class zonal closure system. Vans has relied on the laser-sharp focus of Boa closures longer than anyone out there, and brings extensive experience with that technology to the table. As a company that has churned out footwear since 1966, Vans knows a thing or two about the importance of lasts. So giving the anatomically-different female foot its own construction basis is a no-brainer when it comes to snowboard boots. Logic is brought to the Aura’s liner for a fit that couldn’t be more accurate if it tried. Add to that an extremely sleek look and Vans’ WaffleFlex outsole, and this boot is ready to roll in the state-of-the-art Boa snowboarding.