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2014 Bataleon Feel Better Womans

Size: 146cm

Price:   $ 369.95   $ 221.99  
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Size: 149cm

Price:   $ 369.95   $ 221.99  
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Product Details

Rocker Type

Triple Base Technology (TBT)Triple Base Technology divides the nose and tail area into 3 parts: 1. The left sidebase for turning left. 2. The center flat middle base for going straight. 3. The right sidebase for turning right. Combining a full tip to tail classic camber with a rail to rail concave, it gives the looseness of a rocker shape board with the pop and response of camber. On edge, the camber is loaded and ready to pop you into your next turn. Meanwhile, the edge is fully engaged with a solid power distribution along a smooth edge curve.